A psychometric test is essential from time to time. This enables us to understand our behavior patterns to modify them, and lead us towards growth. We, at Matrrix, have a range of self assessment tests online. 

Did you know that positive behavioral patterns are an integral part of the successful development of anyone’s personality and character? The key attributes include understanding how much you are capable of as well as what you are practically able to handle if faced with different kinds of challenges. Online personality assessments are a great way to begin the discovery process. 

With the different types of psychological tests online, it can indeed be a difficult task. At Matrrix, we offer a range of personality assessments which are either free or premium. We also give a glimpse into our personality assessments through our blogs. In this blog, we look at the Personal Growth Assessment (PGA).

What is the Personal Growth Online Assessment about? 
This personality assessment has the ultimate goal aiming to bring an optimal change to your behavioral patterns.  The Personal Growth Assessment is an online assessment recommended for all professionals looking to maximize their productivity both as individuals and in their respective professions.

What Exactly Does this Online Assessment Measure?
This Personal Growth Assessment is designed to incorporate 11 behavior scales in ensuring you first understand the dynamics of your personality. This online assessment will, therefore, effectively attempt to establish your behavioral strengths and weaknesses, your problem-solving skills as well as the particular areas you might need to improve with relation to your profession.
From the assessment test’s results, you should be able to make expertly informed decisions to help you understand your behavioral patterns. With this, the inadvertent effect would be the discovery and realization of the new dimensions to your personality.   

The Personal Growth Assessment is an online assessment recommended for all professionals

Do I need a Personal Growth Psychometric Test?
This psychometric test is universally recommended for all professionals hailing from all economic industries such as the healthcare, finance, consulting, education and media industries and more. The Personal Growth Assessment (PGA) will prove to be  advantageous to every person looking to add more dimensions to their personality.  The numerous benefits of trying the  PGA include:

  • Improved personality
  • Reduced anxiety levels
  • Realize your full potential
  • Learn and  understand your thought process
  • Realize your optimism levels
  • Improved positivity and attitude
  • Gauge your physical as well as moral courage
  • Sharpen your survival skills 

There are so many more advantages of opting for a Personal Growth Assessment (PGA) among the many other psychometric tests online. The Matrrix personality assessments all complement each other to ultimately ensure a new and improved individual who is ready to face the world in whatever capacity he/she might need to be.

Personality Assessment: Who can try the PGA?
Considering the wide and generalized behavioral spectrum that a Personal Growth Assessment incorporates, every professional from all industries and across all economies is eligible for this assessment. The inclusion of the 11 behavior scales, which are universally applicable across all these industries makes the PGA a vital component to be utilized in any industry from the corporate industry to the education industry. If you are looking to make some major positive improvements to the general wellness of your mental and physical health as well as enhancing your relationship with colleagues and other individuals in your workplace, the PGA test is the best place to start.

This Personal Growth Assessment is designed to incorporate 11 behavior scales

Psychometric Tests: Understanding the 11 Scales of PGA
The 11 behavior scales incorporated in the Personal Growth Assessment are:

1. Locus of control scale
This scale is designed to establish your perception regarding your response to success or failure. These include the outside influences as well as the  factors you have defined control over which is often internal.

2. Anxiety scale
In this personality assessment, this scale attempts to establish your tolerance limits to unfavorable circumstances ranging from highly threatening situations to little concerns. Your tolerance levels are then related to the nature of your response towards the threatening situations to establish just what it would take to reach your reasonable limits.

3. Optimism scale
This scale focuses on your confidence and positive attitude. Do you believe in yourself enough to ultimately achieve your set goals no matter the risks and challenges along the way? You understand the levels and which side you are inclined to be, to make the necessary changes.

4. Intuition scale
This psychometric assessment also includes the intuition scale. This scale provides insights to the relationship between how you internalize and interpret different situations with respect to available facts as well as the prospect of inaccuracies and the likelihood of making these considerations when faced with them at any point.

5. Extroversion scale
With the main interest in their impact on your different relationships, career choices and overall lifestyle, this scale aims at determining your perception and status regarding your relationship with the outer world. This is expressed as extroversion which measures your outgoing nature, ability to connect with the external world. The scale also measures the introversion and helps you gauge where your personality lies. 

6. Type a vs type b scale
Otherwise referred to as the AB scale, this scale separates the traits that define the two personality types. These are type A, Driven Personality type, and type B, Laid-back or Easy Going personality type. 

7. Grit scale
The Personal Growth personality assessments include this scale to measure your preparedness and response tendency on occasions where you are faced with turbulent situations. It will let you know how well you understand the severity of any situation and how you may respond to them. 

8. Bravery scale
This scale analyzes your agility and resilience during rough times. It measures your level of willingness to confront challenges.

9. Thinking vs doing scale
This online psychological test also includes the Thinking V/s Doing scale. The scale determines the nature of your response during a particular situation concerning your premeditated plan of action. How well and efficiently can you implement your thought-out plans of action? You can know by answering this online assessment.

10. Mental health
This scale is about the relationship between how you handle negative emotions and how they manifest on your person physically or emotionally. It measures your optimism levels giving you information on the areas that you need to work upon.

11. Self-monitoring scale
This scale measures the degree to which you can manipulate the perception other people may have regarding you with respect to your relationship in a particular environment.

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