Personal Growth Assessment (PGA)


Bring a change to your behavior patterns with the Personal Growth Assessment. If you want to learn how to build your personality, lower anxiety, understand your thinking and doing powers, know your optimism levels, and more, then this assessment test is the right one for you!

Have you ever felt in control of your life? Or, do you let external circumstances dictate your life decisions? Do you have a high intuitive level that connects with others? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? This Personal Growth Assessment is packed with questions that make you explore your personality through different lenses. The assessment includes 11 scales with detailed questions on each scale. It is best suitable for individuals looking to develop their personalities and bring an improvement in their lives. So, are you ready to discover new dimensions to your personality? Download the assessment, now!

This test is a must for all professionals from every industry (IT, healthcare, education, finance, media, consulting, and more), homemakers, students looking to improve their approach and individuals in search of self-improvement. Corporates (leadership roles, Managerial roles & Supervisors)

Benefits of Personal Growth Assessment (PGA)

  • Bring about a positive change in your life with the help of 11 behavior scales to understand the various dynamics of your personality. Use the test results to focus on the solutions to rebuild your life.
  • This assessment reveals the objective measures that indicate your strengths or weakness, problem-solving skills, and areas you need to improve
  • Learn to relax better by reducing your anxiety levels, develop your survival skills for a competitive world, improve your focus, test your physical and moral courage, and do much more.


  • 11 Scales
 Locus of Control Scale
This scale measures your orientation to life outcomes; whether you attribute your successes & failures to things you have control over or forces outside your influence.
 Anxiety Scale
Anxiety Scale predicts the degree to which you experience unease and heightened reactions in anticipation to threatening situations & therefore your extent of stable responses.
 Optimism Scale
This scale reveals how positive one's general thinking & orientation to life is and how confidently one moves towards attaining life goals.
 Intuition Scale
Intuition Scale measures the extent to which pay attention to interpreting & drawing meaning to aspects which go beyond facts, vs the extent of your tendency to analyse with data & logic.
 Extroversion Scale
This scale is designed to evaluate your individual tendency towards the outer world (extroversion) or the inner world (introversion), or somewhere between, which can have a significant influence on your career choice, relationships and overall lifestyle.
 Type A Vs Type B Scale
The AB Scale evaluates traits specific to A or Driven Personality type vs B or Laid-back personality type.
 Grit Scale
This Scale measures your Tenacity or Grit which is an understanding of what you do when things get rough or tough.
 Bravery Scale
This Scale predicts the extent to which you can rise to challenges when confronted, in agile & resilient ways.
 Thinking Vs Doing Scale
This Scale predicts the extent to which you can rise to challenges when confronted, in agile & resilient ways.
 Mental Health
The HS Scale tells you your tendency for experiencing negative emotions and how you well you regulate those.
 Self-monitoring Scale
This scale measures the extent which you can modify how you are perceived by others & choose your responses more deliberately.

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