Mindfulness Living Assessment (MLA)


Mindfulness is a psychological and spiritual process that raises one�s awareness of the body, mind, and spirit. When practiced daily, mindfulness brings greater emotional stability while bringing you closer to your authentic self. This Mindfulness Living Personality Assessment gives you an analysis of your personality in 5 different areas. You also gain a perspective towards your �Mindfulness Living Tendency� in life. If you want to raise self- awareness, increase accountability, manage emotions, practice mindful communication, and focus on living in the present, then this test is suitable for you. Develop the ability to detach self from unconscious patterns and unlearn beliefs that do not serve you. Most importantly, build a new authentic version of your true self by focusing on your qualities with a moment-by-moment awareness. Break free from a negative thought process to embrace a Mindful You!

So, how aware are you about your emotions and actions? How are your interactions with self and others? How do the 5 areas of Mindfulness impact your current life? This Mindfulness Living Assessment includes 5 exciting scales that give you a detailed analysis of your behavior. Get to know your self-awareness levels, accountability, emotional sensitivity, mindful communication, and know your ability to live in the present moment. You can use your analysis to understand areas of improvements and benefits of each scale. So, are you ready to start living in the present without the baggage of the past or anxiety of the future? Download this assessment to begin your journey with Mindfulness. 

This test is a must for all professionals from every industry (IT, medicine, education, finance, aviation, recruitment, engineering, coaching, media, etc.), homemakers, students, Healers , Psychologists, Therapists, Spiritual Practitioners,Corporates looking to practice Mindfulness and individuals in search of self-improvement.  

Benefits of Mindfulness Living Assessment (MLA)

  1. Exciting range of 50 test questions with 5 scales that check your responses on various parameters 
  2. Learn to be present in the moment through deliberate actions
  3. Easy questionnaire format connected to emotions and thought processes to improve behavior 
  4. Create new opportunities by radiating a positive energy
  5. Develop abilities to be aware of communication, actions, and feelings
  6. Navigate through difficult situations by being your own Mindfulness Coach

Mindfulness Living Tendency

This scale measures your overall display of mindfulness in daily life along with your self-awareness, observation and introspection levels. This scale is further divided into 5 important scales as below. 


  • 5 Scales
The scale is useful to know the level of attention you pay to your thoughts, emotions, actions and needs and the behavior patterns you create in life.
The accountability scale is useful to understand your own decision-making style and behaviors with an observation of your accountability to self and others.
 Emotional Sensitivity
This scale evaluates your ability to acknowledge and express emotions functionally. It also measures your display of empathy levels.
 Mindful Communication
You get to understand if your interactions are free or influenced by beliefs, culture, family values, and more. You know more about your listening skills that impacts the quality of your interaction with others.
 Living In The Present
The scale measures your level of self-awareness and the connection you display to the environment in the present moment. This gives you clarity whether you remain attached to stress and anxiety or find calmness in the �Now�.

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