Mind Body Wellbeing Assessment (MBWA)


Your well-being is one of the most important things that dictate the results you create in life. An imbalance in your career, business, social circle, relationship, and more leads to discontentment and disconnection with self and others. An individual can carry on for years without realizing these results can be reversed for the betterment of self. With the complimentary Well-being Assessment, you can bring a change to your life in various areas that need attention. You learn to unlearn old habits while installing new ones and make the necessary changes to live a fulfilled life. Developing mental strength is one of the most essential factors for success, and assessments guide you to make the change.

Are you satisfied with your career? How is your overall health and well-being? How satisfied are you with your relationships? How connected are you with your spiritual self? The Well-being Assessment is designed to get deeper insights towards your overall health and well-being. You understand where you need to tweak your life in terms of career strategies, job decisions, nutrition and diet, compatibility, communication, attracting abundance, developing work-life balance, leadership skills, and so much more! Get a detailed analysis with 160 questions that change the way you think about yourself and your goals. Download this free assessment, now!

This test is a must for all professionals from any industry (IT, healthcare, education, finance, media, consulting, art, and more), homemakers, and students looking to improve their lives and professional prospects. It is suitable for professionals at all levels.

Benefits of Well-Being Assessment

    • Learn to focus on important areas of life
    • Find out areas of improvement for career, health, relationships, family, finance, recreation, spiritual connections, leadership influence, and more.
    • Get detailed analysis on your satisfaction levels - make changes where required
    • Fast-track your life on the path to success
    • 8 categories to be explored - Career and Business, Health and Vitality, Love and Relationships, Finance and Wealth, Social Circle/Family and Friends, Fun and Recreation, Mind and Meaning, Leadership Influence and Community Contribution


    • 8 Scales
     Career & Business Scale
     Health & Vitality Scale
     Love & Relationships Scale
     Finance & Wealth Scale
     Social Circle, Family & Friends Scale
     Fun & Recreation Scale
     Mind & Meaning Scale
     Leadership Influence & Community Contribution Scale

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