Emotional Intelligence Social Assessment (Step-2) (EISA)


Your self-awareness and emotions are all connected to the way you make your choices in life. Your personality traits such as being an extrovert or existing leadership qualities dictate the way you lead your life story. If you want to make important changes to the way you respond using your emotions, then we�ve got the right emotional quotient social awareness test for you!

Are you an extrovert? Or, you do have a preference of your own company? Are you tactful with the way you deal with situations? What is your basic social intelligence level? This EISA assessment includes 8 important scales that make you analyze your personality. You can explore the multiple questions for each scale, and understand your responses to make valuable changes to your personality. If you feel the need to understand your EQ levels, then download this assessment now!

This test is a must for all professionals from every industry (IT, Marketing, HR, Retail, Fashion, Design, Coaching, and more), homemakers, students, and individuals who are looking to work on their EQ levels. Professionals at all levels will also find this assessment test useful to work on their current skills and improve their approach.

Benefits of EISA

  • Work on improving your life using the 8 scales that give you detailed analysis of your emotional quotient.
  • Understand the areas you need to improve upon, change yourself to achieve more from life.
  • Learn to handle pressure, develop tact, express yourself and sharpen your leadership skills.
  • Develop self-awareness level to understand self and the connection with the world
  • Improve confidence levels, build trust with self and others


  • 8 Scales
 Extraversion Scale
This scale is designed to evaluate your individual tendency towards the outer world (extroversion) or the inner world (introversion), or somewhere between, which can have a significant influence on your career choice, relationships and overall lifestyle.
 Emotional Acuity Scale
Emotional Acuity predicts how you use emotions intelligently to function optimally.
 Tact Scale
This scale measures the extent of self-monitoring to create a balanced social atmosphere.
 Leadership Scale
This scale is designed to help you understand what leadership strategy you exercise to bring teams together.
 Resilience Scale
Resilience scale measures the extent to which you bounce back from failures, uncertainties and difficulties.
 Openness Scale
This scale measures the degree of openness to varied experiences and life events .
 Social Acuity Scale
Social Acuity scale predicts your ability to interpret social dynamics and patterns, thereby showing better adjustment.
 Assertiveness Scale
Assertiveness scale measures your ability to formulate & communicate thoughts, opinions and wishes with a win-win approach.

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