Chakra System Personality Profiler (CSPP)


Every person is unique and displays an energy that directly reflects upon one�s choices, reactions, and results in life. Understanding the 7 Chakras in our body is important to know one�s thinking skills and underlying patterns that dictate one�s day-to-day life. These Chakras (wheels) hold the key to your health, happiness, and success. An imbalance in any has a direct effect on emotional and physical health. Our internal reactions often block these energies giving us results that are not aligned with the objectives. Unblock these energies and embark on a fulfilling life with the Chakra System Personality Assessment test.

Have you ever felt the need to discover your true passion? Do you feel connected with the self and environment? Do you have the ability to sense the energy of a place? Are you tuned in to spiritual experiences? This assessment test is packed with questions about the 7 Chakras. You can know your answers and understand which chakras are imbalanced with the analysis. You can also access expert solutions to bring that balance in the mind, body, and spirit. If you are looking to bring that balance in life, download this assessment now.

This test is suitable for every individual who is conscious of bringing a wonderful change to life. You could be from any industry, a homemaker, or a student looking to unblock the energies and open the doors for understanding your true self and your connection with the environment.

Benefits of CSPP Assessment

  • Bring a balance to your life
  • Know your life purpose - understand what makes you happy, and how to express yourself better
  • Develop higher compassion levels - experience the world without any internal or external conflicts
  • Increase your self-awareness levels - know your personality type and work on areas of improvements
  • Work on your goals
  • Embrace a brand new life with cleaner energies


  • 7 Scales
 Muladhara Or Root Chakra
 Svadhisthana Or Sacral Chakra
 Manipura Or Solar Plexus Chakra
 Anahata Or Heart Chakra
 Vishuddhi Or Throat Chakra
 Ajna Or Third Eye Chakra
 Sahasrara Or Crown Chakra

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