Leadership Style Assessment (LSA)


Successful leaders need to embody certain personality traits. There are many key areas for personal growth and development to display these traits. Use this assessment to bring a change in your leadership style, analyze the various options depending upon the goals, learn new perspectives, and more. If you want to initiate a change for the better while being a role model for your team members and develop great team management skills, then this assessment is suitable for you!

How well do you handle tight deadlines? What would be your style to resolve workplace issues? How would you ensure team performance and accountability of each member? Would you be able to manage multiple projects with ease? Which areas do you need to add to enhance your leadership skills? Answer intriguing questions that make you delve deeper into your approach to help you understand your leadership style. Gain valuable insights into your personality traits, the choices you make, your reactions, and responses. Are you looking to elevate your leadership style and take the next step in your career? Download this personality assessment test now and empower yourself with the right choices to pave the path for a prosperous career.

This test is suitable for all professionals from every industry (Information Technology, Media, Entertainment, Finance, Sports, Design, Coaching, and more), homemakers, students looking to hone their skills, and individuals wanting to prepare themselves for the next career change. Senior managers, VPs, AVPs, General Managers, and others in management roles will find a new perspective to bring a change in their methods.

Benefits of the Leadership Style Assessment

  • Improve your current leadership skills
  • Develop a robust view of your current style
  • Understand the areas of improvements, work on your strengths
  • Initiate a change in self, improve focus on goals
  • Aim for higher growth, better opportunities with renewed confidence


  • 1 Scale
 Leadership Styles Assessment

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