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That�s great! You�ve made the right move to get professional help for your career and personal growth. Write to Dr. Paras, an ICF certified coach at [email protected]. Please specify your requirement and we will respond in 3-4 business working days.

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Yes! Dr. Paras offers group coaching as well as personal sessions. His coaching sessions are designed to empower you with the strength you need to conquer your problems in life. All discussions are entirely confidential.

Sorry! We do not have a refund policy for any assessment test purchase. However, we are sure you will not regret your purchase. Please attempt the test in your inbox. You will be astonished with the results. Do write to us at [email protected] with your questions or feedback.

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If you are new to personality assessment tests, there are tremendous benefits in store for you! So, welcome! Personality assessment tests allow you to be a better judge of your own actions, show how you can connect with others and help you build a great career with meaningful personal relationships for life. So, try the free assessments first and you can always opt for our premium versions later on.

A life coach partners partners with you for your personal and professional growth. So often, we get stuck in our own problems and cannot find suitable solutions. A life coach enables you with the vision to strategize and achieve your goals. Questions? Connect with Dr. Paras at [email protected]

Matrrix does not use your personal data for any other third party. Please view our privacy policy for details.

Your assessment test is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

You don�t have to worry at all! Your data will be restored as soon as you login.

We strongly recommend you answer this test alone and in a comfortable environment without any disturbance. Your answers should be based entirely on your thoughts without the influence of others around you.

We are sorry, at present we cannot provide additional features to make the tests available for all. However, we promise we are working towards the same.

You do not need to specify your gender for any of these tests.

These assessments help you understand your personality and are not to be considered as a diagnosis for any reason. If you seek professional diagnosis, please consult a counselor or a therapist.

Our tests are created to help people understand their personalities and build on their strengths. These are not recommended to be used for judging a person or his/her capabilities for any purpose

This is entirely your own decision. We cannot be held accountable for the test results.

We strongly recommend you begin the test when you are in a comfortable environment and do have the time to answer the questions truthfully. Please complete the test in a single attempt only.

After you receive the report, we recommend you read and understand it thoroughly. You can pay specific attention to the details to understand how the reading describes and where you need to bring a change. Write to [email protected] for more details.

We recommend you take the test when you are in a relaxed state of mind. Please ensure your setting is comfortable with no disturbances.

No, you can take your time to answer each question.

Your analysis is an indication of your strengths and areas of improvements. You can easily work to achieve all your goals using the details provided. If you need professional help, do contact our life coach, Dr. Paras. Write to [email protected] for information.

We recommend you to answer the questions as honestly as possible. You can select only one answer at a time.

Personality assessment tests give you an in-depth look at your personality. You get to know your strengths, areas of improvements to achieve career growth as well as success in relationships. You get a 360 degree view about your own self

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We are sorry you had this experience. Please do not go through the current test. In case you open the link and attempt the test, your request will not be held valid. To receive the correct test, please share your transaction details (date, time of purchase, name of test) on our email ID ([email protected]). Kindly do not share your card details, passwords, pin or other sensitive information on the email ID. We will check and respond at the earliest.

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