Emotional Intelligence Cognizance Assessment (Step-1) (EICA)


How self-aware are you? The Emotional Intelligence cognizance Assessment is a combination of 9 important scales designed to determine the many facets of your personality. You can use this test to understand your risk-taking capabilities or know details about your attitude. These scales are pertinent to the results you derive from life. If you�d like to explore details about your personal values, work values, patience, overall attitude towards life, and more, then we�ve got the right assessment for you.

Do you enjoy your current job? Or, are you looking for another purpose? Are you a perfect organizer? Or someone who goes with the flow? This assessment is a combination of multiple questions based on 9 scales that makes you discover details about your EQ through the detailed analysis. Use the assessment analysis to empower yourself to make the right choices. Develop your attitude to discover the path to success. Download this assessment, now!

This test is suitable for all professionals (Travel, IT, Media, Fitness, PR, Design, Coaching, Education, Music, and more), homemakers, students, and individuals who are looking forward to measure their emotional intelligence levels. Individuals from all levels in their job profile can also download this personality assessment to make impactful changes in life.

Benefits of EICA Assessment

  • 9 important scales that test your thinking and emotions to reveal layers of your personality.
  • Attract success using the right balance of emotions and actions, develop a cheerful attitude, work on your patience levels, and more!
  • Work with your friends, colleagues and family members using the easy question-answer format, improve self-awareness levels and focus on areas to work on.
  • Add a healthy balance to your self-awareness levels with greater decision-making skills
  • Forge ahead in your career with high confidence and an improved attitude


  • 9 Scales
 Personal values Scale
This scale is designed to understand what values define you or are important to your life outcomes; what guides your thoughts, behaviours & actions.
 Work Values Scale
This scale identifies your top motivating factors or needs, which drives your work-related decisions.
 Attitude Scale
This scale reveals how positive one's general thinking & orientation to life is and how confidently one moves towards attaining life goals.
 Laterality Scale
This scale measures the degree of lateral thinking vs logical thinking you possess; that is right-brain vs left-brain inclined.
 Contentment Scale
This scale is designed to understand how contented your life orientation may be in various aspects & relationships.
 Risk-taking Scale
Risk-taking Scale predicts your propensity to take risks, which is an important link to emotional intelligence.
 Patience Scale
This Scale measures your patience & perseverance in various situations & life challenges.
 Perceiving Scale
This Scale predicts the extent to which you are planned and structured (judging) vs spontaneous and flexible (perceiving).
 Self-confidence Scale
This scale measures how self-reliant & assured you are in making life choices.

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