Communication Style Assessment (CSA)


Communication is that strong foundation of every role in any and every industry. Strong communication skills and a clear interaction within teams is necessary to forge ahead on a career path. If you want to know whether you prefer instant action or opt for a process-oriented style, are a people�s person or incline towards ideation, then we�ve got the assessment for you!

How do you deal with problems? Is your approach systematic or spontaneous? Do you enjoy innovation or prefer to follow a set of rules? Do new projects ignite your passion? Are you open for collaborative projects? This assessment contains 60 questions with an analysis of the choices you�ve made. You can use the results to understand your communication style, organizing skills, areas of improvement, strengths, and more. Add a new dimension to your personality by working upon the results. If you�re looking to bring that change within you, download this assessment and raise your communication skills to a new level.

This test is suitable for all professionals from every industry (Education, IT, Aviation, Media, Fitness, and more), homemakers, students, and individuals in search of self-improvement. People at all levels of their current roles (junior, mid-management, and senior roles) will find this an efficient system to gauge their current methods and make path-breaking changes to their current personality traits.

Benefits of the Communication Style Assessment

  • Work through 60 questions that bring an awareness of your current style
  • Build a strong personality - focus on the areas of improvements
  • Develop confidence with a stronger appreciation of self
  • A high focus on your goals with better communication style and strategies
  • An improved way to collaborate with people from different walks of life


  • 1 Scale
 Communication Styles Assessment

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