Your mind dictates the way you feel. Emotional health is one of the most important factors and it has certainly gained attention worldwide! This is why, knowing your mind, and its connection with the body is important for one’s well-being. A person’s mental well-being also defines the results one creates in life. A balanced mind (emotions) and body (physical health) create wonderful results in one's career, business, social circle as well as relationships. An imbalance in the same results in a disconnection with self, difficulty in career and relationships. So, how does one improve the balance and connection between the mind and body? 

The Matrrix Mind Body and Wellbeing assessment is designed and created by Coach and Wellness Practitioner Dr. Paras. A certified ICF coach, Dr. Paras highlights the importance of managing your emotional wellness for a successful life. With the Matrrix Mind Body and Wellness assessment, one is armed with the knowledge to make the desired changes in life. He suggests asking yourself, “How satisfied are you with your career? What do you think about your overall health and mental wellbeing?” 

If you’re a business owner, you can also use this assessment to work on the wellness of your employees. This Mind Body Wellbeing assessment includes 8 scales that give you deep insights into modifications you may need to make in your career, leadership skills, nutrition, diet, exercise, communication, fun and recreation, relationships, and more. 

The Matrrix Mind Body Wellbeing Assessment is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to initiate a transformation in life. 

Scales Included in the Mind Body Wellbeing Assessment


1. Career and Business Scale

This scale takes a look at areas of improvement in one’s business and career. You get an understanding of where you need to modify things such as business or professional growth, the time of investment, social status, and more. Each analysis rates your scoring as Abundant, Average, Below Average and you need to make the desired changes accordingly. This scale gives you many areas you can prioritize to improve your career and business scale. 

2. Health and Vitality

Your health and vitality play an important role in the way you experience your life.

Your personal and professional results are also based on how you feel overall.

This scale explores your connection with self and the way you feel overall. You know where you need to make improvements such as appearances, mobility, mood, energy, and more. A balance in this scale gives you the confidence to create wonderful results. The analysis gives you an idea about the challenges you may be facing and how to work to overcome them. 

3. Love and Relationships

The relationships we form are an important part of life. If you experience an imbalance, it can affect personal health, professional goals, and more. A balance in relationships adds greater love and harmony to life. This scale measures your communication, compatibility, commitment, mutual needs, awareness, and more. You get an analysis that outlines the areas you need to work upon. This will ensure you will have healthier and harmonious relationships.

4. Finance and Wealth

This scale gives you an analysis in many areas for Finance and Wealth. You get areas of improvement in the details provided. For example, depending upon your analysis, you might need to view your security, expenditure, abundance, planning, and more. You get an overview of all the areas that need your attention. By working on the analysis, you will observe a great improvement in your Finance and Wealth.

5. Social, Friends, Family 

How connected are you with your social circle? Sometimes, work may keep a person extremely busy to notice the quality of relationships. The scale, therefore, measures the quality of your social life, friends, and family circle while you get inputs to focus on quality time, open communication, friendship, family, and more. The analysis is based on the responses you have chosen for the test and hence, you’d get an accurate picture of where you need to make the desired changes!

6. Fun and Recreation

An important area that dictates one’s mind and body wellbeing is the fun and recreation in one’s life. This leads to an enhanced mood while ensuring a person has a balanced approach to life. The analysis includes inputs on the areas where you need to improve. For example, you might need to prioritize relations or focus on hobbies, and more. By using the analysis, you will be able to make the right changes and add this essential element to your routine.

7. Mind and Meaning

How is your mental wellbeing? This scale measures the connection of your mental state and awareness and the effect it has on the vision, purpose, and goals. The analysis indicates areas that you need to improve upon. For example, increasing mindfulness levels, or self-awareness, finding meaning, or even your purpose. Reading the analysis will give you an accurate idea of how you can improve the mind and meaning scale.

8. Leadership Influence and Community Contribution

How are your leadership skills? What about the contribution to the community? This scale takes a look at many areas essential for your growth. You may notice personal effectiveness, leadership skills, decision-making, time-management, and more as indicated for this scale. You understand how you can use these points to manage self better, and improve connection with the community as well. 

The Matrrix Mind Body Wellbeing Assessment allows you to be your own coach and resolve the challenges in life.

With time, you will notice a visible difference in the way you think and feel, as well as the actions you take in life. So, are you ready to bring a balance in your relationship with yourself and others? Are you ready to improve your career and social circle? Click here to begin the Mind Body and Wellbeing Assessment.

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