A leadership style assessment test is essential for anyone who is looking to elevate their position to the next level in their career profile. When any project requires team management, a person’s leadership style holds value to lead projects, handle work pressures and be a role model for teams. Leadership can be simply defined as possessing those essential qualities of motivating a group of people towards achieving a common objective. It requires a person to sharpen many skills as there are different leadership styles necessary for different roles. Your personal leadership style needs to include the qualities to work and elevate team members and help them perform to their potential. A leadership style is meant not only for an organization’s benefit, but also to help individuals perform better in their personal lives.

Leadership can be simply defined as possessing those essential qualities of motivating a group of people towards achieving a common objective

So, how do you test your leadership style? The Matrrix Leadership Style Assessment (LSA) is developed to get a deeper insight into the qualities you embody. This leadership type test is simple and easy to use - it’s online and the analysis is mailed straight to your inbox.

Structure of the Leadership Style Assessment 
A goal-oriented leadership is essential for the success of any area in life. Whether you are already at the senior leadership role or aspiring to be one, it’s essential to try the Leadership Style Assessment test. This leadership style test consists of a set of 50 questions that help you assess what type of a leader you are. An analysis of the questions reveals your leadership style, the traits you possess and their varying strengths as well as the areas you need to work upon.

Benefits of the Leadership Style Assessment Test (LSA)

  • An awareness of one’s leadership style.
  • A better understanding of different traits and their connection with your leadership style
  • Know shortcomings and find ways to overcome weak points
  • Develop an impactful leadership style, achieve the goals you set for yourself on a professional and personal level
  • Get a deeper understanding of yourself. Improve relationship with self and team members 
  • Make the necessary changes, accelerate in your career
  • Enjoy higher success rates in project management

Leadership Style Assessment Test: Understanding 4 Scales 
This leadership style assessment includes the following scales. These help you assess your strength in the following areas :
1. Delegating
How well do you delegate your tasks to team members? This leadership style assessment tests your levels of delegation.  Delegation involved other activities such as communication to discuss the problems at hand between the leaders and the subordinates as well as reach a joint consensus around the conflict area. People with a greater skill of delegation are considered as mentors or authoritative figures in the industry. A professional who delegates well encourages autonomy among his team, acknowledges their contributions, trusts them and gives ample opportunity for the sharing of knowledge and skills.

2. Directing
This leadership style questionnaire also includes areas around one’s skill at directing a team. As a leadership style, directing is a low supportive and high directive. In this style, the leader actively defines the subordinates’ roles. Communication is often one way. The style is characterized by definite roles, timelines, priorities, boundaries and limits. There is recognition of enthusiasm and transferable skills. Directing can be easily identifiable as it often involves action plans with specific directions of how, when, and where to carry out tasks.

The Matrrix Leadership Style Assessment (LSA) is developed to get a deeper insight into the qualities you embody 

3. Participating
This leadership style is highly directive and highly supportive. Characteristics of this leadership style include; an attempt by the leader to listen to the subordinates’ opinions, ideas and suggestions, two-way communication between the parties involved, frequent feedback, clear goals and perspective, praise to subordinates who make progress, explanations towards importance of the tasks at hand and assistance when evaluating results of objectives carried out. Despite this style being characterized by extensive collaboration between subordinates and the leader; the buck stops at the leader who still has control over the decision-making process. 

4. Supporting
Supporting as a leadership style is highly supportive and low directive. It aims at shifting focus of control to the subordinates who are often skilled and knowledgeable enough to carry out the tasks handed over to them. In this leadership style, the leader listens intently to the issues raised by the subordinates and is often approachable.  The leader is also viewed as a mentor or coach. In this leadership style, subordinates are offered opportunities; to test their ideas, express their concerns and share feelings. This is often met with support and encouragement to develop self-reliant problem-solving skills. 

Who can try the Leadership Style Assessment Test? 
This test is suitable for all professionals from every industry ranging from business, administration, public service, education, Information Technology, aviation, media, coaching, training, and fitness, among others. Students and individuals willing to take the plunge into self-improvement are also welcomed to take the test to improve their career prospects and social interactions. Anyone at any level of their career can begin the leadership style assessment  and can use this test to find an efficient system to gauge the current status of their leadership style.  A person can also take the appropriate steps to make them a better leader. 

Do you want to try the Matrrix Leadership Style Assessment? Click here to begin the assessment. Remember to choose a calm environment. Select an answer that is closest to your choice. The analysis is not to be considered as final and binding. You can always change areas to improve the results and be a reputed leader in your industry! Questions? Write to [email protected]

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