A personality is a combination of qualities or characteristics that make up an individual's unique character. This blend of qualities are often diverse and an individual may not even be fully aware of some of the traits that make up their personality. A personality strength assessment helps an individual to understand themselves and the different aspects of their personality. Consider this like a self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses through online personality testing. 

So, why opt for a personality strength assessment? Such a behavioral assessment test aims at delivering a detailed analysis of the individual's personality using a series of behavior scales The analysis of such a test gives insights into the personality. The personality assessment test analysis allows the taker of the assessment to find out what they need to do to work around their problem areas and improve their personality. 

What are the advantages of a Personality Assessment? How does knowing your traits help? 
Some of the advantages of understanding your personality include:

  • The ability to understand others, which in turn enables one to correctly respond to others' needs in personal and professional life, 
  • Gaining the ability to distinguish one's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Being able to identify situations in which you perform optimally and those in which you need help to navigate.
  • Knowledge of one's personality allows one to know what they like or dislike and whether the reasons behind the same are valid or not. 

Matrrix offers multiple online personality assessments that are useful for different areas of life. In this blog, we understand the Personality Strength Assessment (PSA) and take a look at the different scales of the personality assessment test.

This test is aimed at understanding the individual's levels of self-control and gratification style

Personality Strength Assessment Scales 
1. Flexibility Scale
This scale measures how psychologically flexible an individual is. It gives insight into the open-mindedness of a person, as well as their responses to changes that happen  in various internal and external circumstances.

2. Attitude Scale
The attitude scale aims at showing the individual's approach and general disposition towards life and situations. The scale measures whether they are optimistic or pessimistic. 

3. Health and Well-being Scale
This scale gives an idea about the ability of an individual to be able to live a balanced life in all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health.

4. Practicality Scale
This personality strength assessment includes the Practicality scale. The quality of being practical means that one is able to evaluate situations with a rational mindset, basing their decisions on actual instances. It is the ability to provide effective solutions to problems. This scale measures the extent to which an individual is able to make rational decisions as their present situation demands. 

5. Assertiveness Scale
This scale acts as a personality measurement to know how well one is able to confidently formulate, communicate and articulate their ideas, thoughts, opinions and wishes; in a manner that is respectful and considerate of others but at the same time not self-deprecating. 

6. Magnetic Power Scale
The scale measures the individual's ability to measure the extent to which one is able to muster the social, mental and emotional influence to attract what they desire. 

7. Thinking Style
The way one applies their intellectual abilities and knowledge in solving a problem is described as a thinking style. Thinking styles are important because they determine, among other situations, how we make decisions, perceive information, make plans and communicate with others. There are different thinking styles, namely; synthesists, creative thinkers, logical thinkers, pragmatists, and realists. The analysis measures the different types of thinking process displayed as per the answers selected. This helps categorize one’s thinking style to understand one’s perceptions and how a person makes interpretations. 

Matrrix offers multiple online personality assessments that are useful for different areas of life 

8. Gratification Style
Gratification is the pleasure acquired from the satisfaction of a desire. This test is aimed at understanding the individual's levels of self-control and gratification style. It will help the individual discover how they respond to satisfaction, whether they prefer instant or delayed gratification. 

9. Individualistic and Collectivistic Scale
This scale measures the intensity of an  individual’s needs and how they influence the individual's decisions along with making decisions that may need to consider the needs of a larger group outside of themselves. 

10. Obsessiveness Scale
In this personality assessment, obsessiveness is an important scale. Obsessiveness, in this context, refers to the tendency of an individual to become fixated on the details until they are satisfied with the results. This scale aims at measuring if the individual is able to recognize whether they are being overly obsessive and if they are able to stop themselves and look at the bigger picture. 

Benefits of the Personality Strength Assessment  (PSA) 

  • It offers an exciting range of behavioral test questions with the ten scales to assess the individual's responses on various parameters that, in turn, let them observe specific details about the personality.
  • The PSA helps the individual learn to be flexible, improve their optimism, be cheerful despite circumstances, understand how to bring in balance into their lives and a host of other potential positive changes.
  • This Personality Strength assessment is easy to begin, it’s online and includes a questionnaire format based on real-life situations that prompt the individual to look deeply and consequently understand themselves and become highly self-aware.
  • It may lead to the discovery of new avenues as one becomes open and flexible upon realizing rigidity levels. 
  • The test may enable the individual to become aware of different perspectives and, in turn, positively influence their takes on different issues.
  • It brings about a much-needed personality shift that the individual did not know they needed. 

If you are interested in being highly aware of your emotions and thinking styles, you can begin the Matrrix Personality Strength Assessment, today. You will be given a choice of questions as per the scales for personality measurement. The personality analysis will be emailed to your registered email ID. Remember, these are not final and binding and you can bring changes to your personality by raising self-awareness.
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