Have you been looking for an authentic Mindfulness Living assessment online? Well, you’re at the right place! An online personality assessment is important for one’s psychological and emotional growth. This leads to higher awareness as individuals can use their results to make improved life decisions. So, what is the Matrrix Mindfulness Living Assessment about? Is the Mindfulness Living questionnaire difficult to answer? How can you use the analysis? Let’s find out!

The Matrrix Mindfulness Living Assessment is designed by Mindfulness Practitioner - Dr. Paras, Founder at Matrrix, India. Matrrix is a premium Life Coaching and Leadership firm with expertise in the areas of personality development. Dr. Paras is a trained Mindfulness Practitioner and this assessment is created with his knowledge and experience in the area of Mindfulness. It also includes the application of his teachings in the form of improvements shared with the analysis.  

The Mindfulness Living Assessment takes a look at your overall Mindfulness Living tendency as well as 5 important scales.

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness Practitioner Dr. Paras outlines his definition as -
Mindfulness is a psychological and spiritual process of evolving and growing the awareness of body, mind, and spirit with observing, questioning, and reflecting the core of the practice. These enable a person to live in the moment, gain accountability, emotional sensitivity, and build effective communication with self, others, and the environment. It’s about developing the ability to detach self from fantasies and unconscious patterns or beliefs picked up that serve no purpose. Mindfulness works to create balance and equanimity within. 

The Mindfulness Living Assessment takes a look at your overall Mindfulness Living tendency as well as 5 important scales. These scales are useful to understand your connection with self, the behavior you display, the results you create from the choices you make. Dr. Paras outlines the need to display Mindfulness at all times to be able to maintain emotional balance and strength.

Do I need the Mindfulness Living Assessment?

Mindfulness inculcates self-awareness, accountability, emotional sensitivity, and excellent communication skills while empowering people to live in the “Now”. With Mindfulness, you are able to manage emotions while leading to positive outcomes. You are focused in the moment and are aware when your mind wanders to the past or the future. Mindfulness helps you pause the endless cycle of thoughts by giving you the clarity of focus and which areas you need to improve. 

A learning from the Mindfulness Living assessments gives you -

  • Greater clarity of thought
  • Higher self-awareness
  • Increased accountability
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Power to manage emotions
  • Knowledge of working on inner peace

The Matrrix Mindfulness Living assessment is suitable for people of all ages and for any professional. You could be a homemaker, student, coach, trainer, therapist, Yoga practitioner, IT professional, Media professional, Lawyer, Athlete, and more. Organizations have benefitted more as mindful employees have led to greater productivity, improved relationships between teams, happier work culture, and greater ROI. 

What does the Mindfulness Living Assessment Measure?

The Mindfulness Living Assessment questionnaire is designed into one major component of Mindfulness that takes a look at the way you live your life right now. The questionnaire is created to evaluate your answers and share whether your analysis is High, Average, or Low. The Mindfulness Living scale is all about understanding your connection to the present moment, your levels of focus, your anxiety towards the past, and future along with your connection to self. It takes an in-depth look at your emotions and responses to your relationship with the environment. You get an idea about your problem-solving approach in challenging times. You gain a deeper perspective towards the way you manage your life while ensuring you are focused on being mindful, at all times.

Psychometric Tests: Understanding the 5 Mindfulness Living Scales

The Mindfulness Living Assessment measures the overall Mindfulness Living tendency you display. The Mindfulness Living tendency is further divided into -
1. Self-awareness
2. Accountability
3. Emotional Sensitivity
4. Mindful Communication
5. Living in the Present 

1. Self-awareness Scale

This scale measures your awareness of thoughts, emotions, actions, and needs that arise in the present moment. This is important for individuals to understand their unconscious patterns. The analysis includes improvements a person can use to connect with the present moment in all these areas. It raises one’s ability to think better, make accurate decisions, and create better results in life. Highly self-aware individuals make excellent leaders as they are mindful of the way they interact and take decisions with conscious awareness. 

The Matrrix Mindfulness Living assessment is suitable for people of all ages and for any professional.

2. Accountability

This scale measures the ability of a person to be responsible for themself and others. An individual learns to reflect upon decisions while being accountable in challenging environments. Accountability is required to accelerate performance and create impactful results in one’s career. A highly accountable person learns to build self-trust and gain trust from others as well. 

3. Emotional Sensitivity

An individual who displays Mindful Emotional Sensitivity has the ability to understand their own emotions while expressing them functionally. This scale measures this level of Emotional Sensitivity while knowing one’s compassion levels. An individual learns their intuitive and nurturing style while knowing their ability to handle conflicts. This is an important trait to have in connection to Mindfulness.

4. Mindful Communication

This scale measures the ability of an individual to listen mindfully without being distracted. An individual understands whether their behavior is influenced by culture, beliefs, religion, family values, and more. A person who displays Mindful Communication is able to retain the topic of discussion in a non-judgmental way. The individual is able to skillfully handle conflicts when they arise. The analysis shares areas of improvement along with the scoring. 

5. Living in the Present

This scale measures the self-awareness levels, one’s awareness of others as well as the environment one is in. A person knows their ability to view their judgments and if they are free from outside influences. Having a good scoring for this trait is about being detached from past and future worries. It’s about one’s general approach to life. The scale is useful to understand one’s areas of improvement to raise levels of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a constant reminder to be here, at this moment. When practiced regularly, it soon turns into a habit leading to improved management of emotions.

So, how focused are you in the present moment? How can you elevate your thinking to create desired results? Begin the Matrrix Mindfulness Living assessment online. Do check our bulk offers for corporates. You can also explore other Matrrix Personality Assessments from our list for individuals and corporates. If the world of Mindfulness interests you, join the Matrrix Mindfulness Practitioner Program by Dr. Paras. The certification enables you to begin your own consulting practice after being trained by Dr. Paras, himself. Read more about the program here.

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