And, using psychometric personality assessment tests to get you there.

We live in a frenzied pace of atmosphere. One, where the hours seem less and our to-do lists seem longer. In this hectic pace of life, we often steer towards paths of personal development in a bid to improve our current situation and self. So, whether we seek the truth or enlightenment, the answer lies in getting to the root of the problem. Self-awareness is one of the most important aspects that will help in many ways. You can definitely focus on achieving success without losing yourself along the way. And, find a sense of purpose in life.

What is Self-Awareness?

You can consider this as a starting point to improve all your problems. Self-awareness is about understanding your own self - your needs, desires, victories and failures, daily habits and everything that makes you the way you are. Self-awareness may indeed be a popular term in psychology and philosophy but, this is soon becoming a way of life to those who have already embarked on their journey towards being self-aware.

The more you pay attention to yourself and how you work, the more you learn about your own personality. Self-awareness is about understanding your own habits and your reactions to things around you. Have you ever taken a moment to pause and understand your existence and goal in life? Most often, we are too tied up chasing goals to understand what we truly want. And, in this pursuit of goals, we end up at a crossroad in life where we can either choose what makes us happy or continue running the rat race.

So, why do we need self-awareness? A constant self-reflection brings changes in a personality. Here, you turn to be a more accepting person by understanding your own beliefs and biases and developing the tact of adapting your behavior to different situations according to abilities. Self-awareness is also essential to disrupt the negative patterns in thoughts by being conscious of ourselves in situations.

How to Gain Self-Awareness?

It’s only when you change the interpretation of thoughts in your mind to the situations around you, you notice a shift and a change in emotions. This brings about an improved relationship with self, and with others. So, is there a specific formula to gain self-awareness? Yes, definitely!

The ability to know what we want and realigning our thoughts to what matters the most is one of the powerful ways of reflecting. Self-awareness is a combination of the following:

  • Observing?
  • Questioning
  • Accounting

Observing: When you reflect, you tend to observe things around you through a direct and indirect perception. There are things you tend to focus on while there are things that you view but entirely miss your focus.

Let’s take an example. Ever been stuck in a long commute to work? Well, that’s a common story! As you travel, there are many sights that you see. But, there’s no direct connection to the same. The moment you observe, you are looking at a direct and indirect perception of things. Direct perception is about where your attention goes. Indirect perception is about the things that you view but don’t necessarily think about.

Questioning: Life indeed has many moods and moments. You’ll often find yourself in different situations and you might have noticed different reactions. If you reflect on your past, you might feel you could have reacted differently to a situation. When you question yourself, it can also be about others and the need to assess the situation. You must use different frames of references to go beyond a situation and question in the now. It’s about understanding other people’s point of view as well as your own and the situation as a whole. Questioning, as a tool, can empower you to grow and progress in your thinking, feelings and actions

Accounting: Another aspect about self-awareness is being accountable for yourself, others around you as well as your environment. The learning you imbibe by being aware allows you to get a better understanding about yourself and helps you overcome your current challenges in life. As you have a clear perception about your personality, you learn to make good decisions in rapidly unfolding situations. Your superior awareness levels empowers you to own your decisions and take appropriate actions without the nagging self-doubt. You are free from internal conflicts as you are now accountable and aware, with a clear goal in your mind.

Being reflective is important when you combine the aspects of - observing, questioning, and accounting

And a higher level of self-awareness gives you the power to view life and live life the way you design it.

Using Psychometric Personality Test Assessments for Increased Self-Awareness

A psychometric assessment of personality gives you the lens you need to view your own self, your beliefs, how you react/respond to situations and details about your inner self. The different types of psychological tests give you a robust view and analysis of your inner self that is useful for the path towards self-awareness. When you answer a psychometric personality test in an honest and sincere manner giving your full attention, you are shown the mirror to your true self. With this detailed analysis, you can work on your self-awareness levels to improve your life in every possible way.

The entire goal of a psychometric assessment of a personality is about improving your life, career prospects, relationship with self, relationship with others and understanding your own emotions. A combination of psychometric assessments with a life coaching session can help you reach your goals faster by increasing your belief in your own abilities. When you partner with a life coach, you get sound coaching that stays with you for life. Are you searching for psychometric personality tests online? Click here to view our entire collection. Don’t forget to sign up for our weekly freebies! In search of a life coach? Contact Dr. Paras for more information.